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New Airtel internet offer 2021 for all Airtel lovers. This Airtel internet pack is for users who looking for Airtel MB offer and Airtel internet package 2021. In this post, we will discuss all Airtel internet offer list provided on their official website. We hope it will help you to choose your perfect internet pack.

Airtel has launched an excellent Airtel internet offer 2021 for its customer. These internet packages are available here at many different volumes and prices. You can get the necessary Internet packages here very easily. From here you can purchase your desired internet rapidly using Airtel internet offer activation code.

Airtel Internet Offer 2021

Airtel Internet Package – Short Term

Cheack:Banglalink 17 TK 1GB Offer – Activation Code

On this page, the Airtel internet package short term includes daily internet pack and weekly internet pack. You can choose your perfect Airtel MB offer very easily from the internet offer list below:

Data Volume – Price                                    Activation Code                                             Validity

500MB – Tk 29                                                *123*025#                                                         3 days

1GB 4G –  Tk 22                                               *123*022#                                                         3 days

1.5 GB – Tk 38                                                  *123*038#                                                         3 days

1.5GB – Tk 89                                                   *123*089#                                                         7 Days

1.5GB + 50 Min – Tk 98                               *123*098#                                                         7 Days

2GB – Tk 44                                                       *123*044#                                                         3 days

2GB – Tk 59                                                       *123*059#                                                         5 days

3GB – Tk 104                                                    *123*104#                                                         7 days

3GB – Tk 54                                                       *123*054#                                                         3 days

5GB – Tk 129                                                    *123*129#                                                         7 days

5GB – Tk 159                                                    *123*159#                                                         10 days

7GB – Tk 179                                                    *123*179#                                                         10 days

10GB – Tk 101                                                 *123*101#                                                         5 days

10GB – Tk 149                                                 *123*0199#                                                      7 days

Airtel Internet Monthly Package

Airtel internet monthly package includes all monthly Airtel internet pack and weekly Airtel internet pack. You can now choose your perfect Airtel internet offer very easily from the internet offer list table below:

Data Volume – Price                                    Activation Code                                             Validity

1GB (FB + Ins) – Tk 12                                  *123*012#                                                         30 days

1GB (PUBG) – Tk 33                                      *123*033#                                                         30 days

2GB – Tk 229                                                    *123*229#                                                         30 days

7GB – Tk 498                                                    *123*498#                                                         30 days

10GB + 500 Min – Tk 648                           *123*648#                                                         45 days

10GB – Tk 399                                                 *123*052#                                                         28 days

20GB – Tk 599                                                 *123*053#                                                         28 days

30GB – Tk 998                                                 *123*998#                                                         30 days

 Airtel MB Offer

Most of the time Airtel likes to provide Airtel GB offer than Airtel MB Offer. The company sometimes provides a few MB offer for its regular customers.

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   500 MB Offer Airtel

You can buy Airtel 500 MB Internet is only for 29 Taka from Airtel internet offer 2021. If you wish to purchase this offer for a period of 3 days, you must dial the USSD code to purchase. This is a very popular internet offer for all users. If you are looking for a short term internet offer then it is the best offer for you.

By purchasing this offer, the customer receives 500 MB of the Internet. To activate this offer, you can dial *123*025#. Or reload to buy this offer directly for 29 Taka only. The duration is 72 hours. You can use the data pack in 2G, 3G, and 4G networks.

Activation Code: *123*025#

Airtel Internet Pack 2021

In Airtel Internet Pack 2021 you can get the best internet deals here at the cheapest price. You can Enjoy any moment, share everything with all your friends by an excellent internet pack. They are providing many internet packages for their valued customers. These Airtel internet packs are discussed below.

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Airtel 1GB Offer

GP 1GB 14 Tk Offer – Latest Internet Offer

GP 1GB 14 Tk offer is the latest GP offer. Are you looking for a short time internet pack? Grameenphone has released such an offer for the GP users. Now I am sharing this offer on our webpage.

1 GB internet for only 14 Taka is the new offer. It is a short time internet offer and is the best offer for the regular GP customers. It is also a low-cost internet offer. You can not get such an amazing offer at all times.

Airtel 1GB offer includes many internet packages according to various time frames. we will discuss the 1 GB offer in the Airtel internet offer 2021. You can learn the details of this offer. We published the following details about these types of offers.

Airtel 1 GB 22 Tk

Airtel has launched a 1GB 22 Tk offer for its 4G network. If you want to activate the Internet offer, activate it. This applies to the 4G SIM. You can Quickly buy this best Internet package for yourself. The offer costs 22 Taka and expires in 3 days. You can dial the USSD code. To receive this offer you can press *123*022#. The duration is 03 days.

Activation Code: *123*022#

The validity of this GP 1GB 14 Tk offer is 8 hours. That means you have to finish this internet within 8 hours.

There is no USSD code for this offer. You can get this offer from my GP apps. Without my GP apps, you can not get this offer. Because there are no code dialing options.

GP 1GB 14 Tk Offer Activation

Firstly, you have to download my GP apps from google play store.

Secondly, you should open this app.

After that, the open the offer button.

Then click my offer button.

In the next step, you have to find a 1 GB 14 taka offer.

Finally, click the buy now button.

About this GP 1GB 14 Tk offer

Only GP users can use this offer.

The data volume for this internet package is 1 GB.

You can enjoy this offer only for 14 Taka.

You can enjoy this offer only from my GP apps.

By dialing  *121*1*4#, You can check your internet balance.

The validity of this GP 1GB 14 Tk offer is 8 hours.

VAT, SD included with the offer.

After finishing the internet balance, a certain balance will be charged.

Limited offer.

I think it is an exceptional offer and its only for the lucky customers. Don’t forget to share your comments.

Airtel 1.5GB 38 Tk Offer

The Airtel 1.5GB 38 Tk offer is a great deal on the Internet. Airtel has released 1.5GB of great internet deals in the Airtel internet offer 2021. You must dial the activation code to accept this offer. From there you get a 1.5GB internet package with only 38 Taka. To take advantage of this offer, dial *123*038# or recharge 38 Taka. The validity period is 7 days.

Activation Code: *123*038#

1.5 GB 89 Tk

Airtel released a 1.5GB data package for 07 days. This data package is a great weekly offer for you at a minimal cost. This 1.5 GB internet package costs only 89 Taka for one week. You get 1.5 GB of data for 89 Taka and it expires for 7 days. You can use it anywhere on the internet. To take advantage of this offer, you can dial *123*089#.

Activation Code: *123*089#

Airtel Internet Offer 2021 Activation Code

2GB 44 Tk Airtel Offer

Airtel has launched the best 2GB Offer recently. This offer will be the most popular Internet offer for all customers. Airtel is providing a 2GB Internet offer for only 44 Tk. If this data pack is suitable for you, you can purchase it easily from the Airtel internet offer 2021.

By purchasing this data package, you can get 2GB of Internet access. To receive this offer, dial *123*044# or recharge 44 Taka. The data are valid for 3 days only.

Activation Code: *123*044#

Airtel 2GB 59 Tk Offer

Airtel 2GB 59 Tk offer is a very popular internet offer for regular users. Anyone can buy this offer. One of the best offer for Airtel users. Many customers are looking for short-term Internet pack. If you like then don’t hesitate to receive this offer. To activate this offer of 2 GB for only 59 Taka, you should dial *123*059# or reload directly 59 Tk. The expiration time is 5 days.

Activation Code: *123*059#

Airtel 3GB 54 Tk Offer

3 GB internet offer for just 54 Taka only. Airtel launched an excellent data pack for the Airtel internet offer 2021. If you like then you can purchase this offer. One of the exceptional offers that Airtel can offer is the incredible 3GB Internet package. To receive this offer, you must dial *123*054#. The duration of the Internet is 7 days.

Activation Code: *123*054#

3GB 104 Tk Offer

It is Airtel Internet special offers for customers who purchase phones from their official website. If you want to take advantage of this offer on Airtel, you can buy any time it.

You will receive 3 GB of the Internet with only 104 Tk. The Internet will be available for 7 days. To take advantage of the offer, you may reload directly 104 Taka or dial *123*104#. This offer is reserved for special users only.

Activation Code: *123*104#

Airtel 5GB 129 Tk Offer

Again, I presented a new offer. I thought I would publish it recently. They are providing 5GB of the internet for only 129 Taka. This attractive Airtel internet offer 2021 around 129 Taka. With 129 BDT, you get 5 GB of super Internet. To take advantage of this offer, dial *123*129# or recharge 129 Tk. Take advantage of 5 GB of the Internet. The validity period is 7 days.

Activation Code: *123*129#

5GB 159 Taka Airtel Offer – 10 days

Airtel 5 GB Offer 159 Taka, Dear Airtel customers, today I am going to tell you about the Airtel 5 GB Internet offer. Airtel offers all its customers attractive Internet offers at affordable prices. Every Airtel customer can buy it at a lower price. Airtel offers 5 GB of internet with only 159 Taka. The purchase of the Internet offer valid for 10 days costs 159 Taka.

If you want Airtel’s best internet deal right now, you can get 5 GB internet for just TAK 159. This internet deal applies to all customers. You can enjoy this internet package from anywhere in Bangladesh. Hope the 5GB internet offer is acceptable.

Airtel 5 GB Offer Activation

Airtel has made an excellent Internet offer on its official website. Pay only 159 rupees with 5 GB of internet, valid for 10 days. This Internet offer is very important for those who always need more Internet and a strong network.

Customers can download and browse faster with this Internet package. If you want to accept this offer, you must dial the USSD code. The 5 GB Internet plan applies to all Airtel customers. To take advantage of this offer, dial *123 * 159# The Internet offer is valid for 10 days.

7GB Airtel  Internet Offer

Are you looking for a great package on the Robi Internet? They released a great internet offer for you. All Airtel customers can purchase this offer. With only 179 Airtel customers receiving 7 GB of the Internet, the data packet expires in 10 days.

All prepaid and postpaid Airtel customers can use the offer. You can buy using the USSD code. Throughout the campaign, users can use the offer as many times as they want. Dial *123*179# or reload 179 BDT to take advantage of this attractive offer.

Activation Code: *123*179#

Airtel 10GB Offer 101 Tk

The popular phone company just lunched the great and amazing internet Airtel 10GB Offer for only 101 Tk. The validity period is 5 days. If you are a heavy internet user and looking for large volume data within a short time period then it is the best Airtel internet offer 2021 for you. For purchasing this offer you can recharge 101 Tk directly or dial its activation code.

Please note that this offer is only for prepaid customers. You can use it 2G/3G or 4G networks.

Activation Code: *123*101#

10GB+500 Min 45 Days

Airtel published a 10GB+500 Min offer for only 648 Taka. The validity period is 45 days. You can use the 10 GB anywhere on the internet.  Now you can get the package quickly and cheaply. You can get 10 GB+500 Min offer for 648 Taka. The package is valid for 45 days. To start this offer, you can dial *123*648#.

Activation Code: *123*648#

1.1.2        Airtel 30GB Internet Package

This is a Great internet offer by Airtel! It is available to all customers. This is Airtel’s special Airtel internet offer 2021 for Airtel customers who use the network for always. Airtel offers 30 GB of the Internet for a period of 30 days. It offers an excellent data package for the year.

This data package costs only 998 Taka. And users will get 135 Tk after purchased the Airtel internet offer. To take advantage of this offer, dial *123*998# or recharge 998 Taka directly. The Internet is valid for 30 days. It can be renewed before its expiration.

Activation Code: *123*998#


All Airtel users can purchase Facebook messenger pack 3GB internet for only 39 Taka. The validity period for this offer is 4 days. It is a very popular internet package for FB users.

You can purchase this offer using its activation code below:

Activation Code: *123*39#

1.1.3        Airtel 1GB 12 Tk Offer

This is an excellent Airtel social package. All customers offered attractive Internet access for the use of social networks Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin. Airtel customers can buy this offer easily. The 1GB Airtel net package costs only 12 Taka. The offer activation code is *123*012#. The Internet volume is valid for 30 days.

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PUBG 1GB 33 Taka Offer

Airtel offers great online offers for PUBG games. If you like to play the game then it is a special offer only for you. Airtel offers a 1GB PUBG data package for only 33 Taka. The game is played online by many people. If you prefer to play PUBG games on the Internet, you can purchase this data pack. To activate this offer, you must dial *123*033#. The validity period is 30 days.

1.2      Airtel IMO Pack

Airtel IMO pack is especially for IMO apps. IMO is a very popular app for every people in the world. All internet providers especially provide IMO pack for their user but at the moment there is no special IMO pack for airtel users. Basically Airtel offers many cheap rates Airtel internet offer 2021. So you chose any offer for using IMO apps.

1.3      How To Check Airtel Internet Balance?

For checking Airtel internet balance, you should be required to dial Airtel internet balance checking code *3#

Dear visitors, how was the Airtel internet offer 2021? Don’t forget to comment on us. Any internet provider can change or cancel their internet offer any time so, a few offers may not work for you. We always try to update all the internet offer information regularly. Stay connected with us.


Airtel internet balance check bd এবং এয়ারটেল এমবি চেক কোড একই জিনিস। airtel balance check bd বিষয়ে অনেকে জানতে চান। স্বাগতম সবাইকে এয়ারটেল ইন্টারনেট ব্যালেন্স চেক পদ্দতি সম্পর্কিত এই পোস্টে। সহজে কিভাবে আপনি এয়ারটেল এমবি চেক করতে পারেন সেই সম্পর্কে আপনাদের জানতে চলে এলাম।

এই পোস্ট দেখার পর আপনি Airtel MB check code bd নিয়ে আর কোন সমস্যায় পরবেন না বলে আশা করি।

বেশিরভাগ এয়ারটেল গ্রাহক ইন্টারনেট প্যাক ক্রয় করে চেক করার পদ্দতি ভুলে জান। এয়ারটেল ইন্টারনেট ব্যালেন্স চেক করার সহজ পদ্দতি USSD Code দিয়ে তা সহজেই করতে পারেন।

Airtel internet balance check bd । জানুন সহজে এয়ারটেল এমবি চেক কোড সম্পর্কে

এয়ারটেল সিম ব্যাবহার কারীদের এয়ারটেল ইন্টারনেট ব্যালেন্স চেক নিয়ে সমস্যায় পরতে হয়। USSD code ব্যাবহার করে আপনি সহজেই Airtel mb check code bd করতে পারেন।

Therefore, আমার এই পোস্ট থেকে কোড সমূহ NOTE করে রাখুন আপনার কাজে আসবে এয়ারটেল ব্যালেন্স চেক করতে।

Airtel MB check code is: * 8444 * 88 #

Airtel MB check code BD | এয়ারটেল এমবি ব্যালেন্স চেক

অনেকেই আবার এয়ারটেল এমবি চেক লিখে ইন্টারনেটে সার্চ করে থাকেন। Airtel mb check code bangladesh, এয়ারটেল এমবি চেক কোড অ্যান্ড এয়ারটেল ইন্টারনেট ব্যালেন্স চেক কোড উভয়ই একি প্রশ্ন।

Most Airtel users use USSD code for airtel MB check.

For instance, আপনি USSD code ব্যাবহার না করে My Airtel App থেকে সহজেই এয়ারটেল সিম ইন্টারনেট ব্যালান্স জানতে পারেন।

Similarly, মাই এয়ারটেল অ্যাপ আপাকে সহজে এবং দ্রুত এসএমএস, মিনিট, ইন্টারনেটের ভারসাম্য পরীক্ষা করতে সাহায্য করে থাকে।

So, এয়ারটেল সিম ইন্টারনেট সেক করতে এখনি My Airtel App Download করুন।

আসুন কোনও কথা না বাড়িয়ে এয়ারটলে ইন্টারনেটের ভারসাম্য পরীক্ষা করন পদ্দতি সম্পর্কে ভালিভাবে জেনে নেই।

  • How to check airtel internet balance
    • প্রথমেই আপনার মোবাইল ডায়াল প্যাড ওপেন করুন-
    • তারপর *৩# অথবা * 8444 # লিখে ওকে করুন।
    • এখন এয়ারটেল ইন্টারনেট ব্যালেন্স পরীক্ষা করুন
    • অথবা আরও সহজে এয়ারটেল ব্যালেন্স চেক করতে এয়ারটেল অ্যাপটি ডাউনলোড করুন গুগল প্লে স্টোর থেকে ।

Airtel internet balance check bd করার সেরা পদ্দতি কোনটি ?

আপনার প্রশ্ন যদি এমন হয় তবে, আমি বলবো সহজে এয়ারটেল বিডি ইন্টারনেট ব্যালেন্স চেক করতে আপনি My Airtel App ব্যাবহার করুন।

Airtel mb check BD পোস্ট পড়ে আপনি নিশ্চয়ই এয়ারটেল ইন্টারনেট ব্যালেন্স চেক, মানে এয়ারটেল এমবি চেক সহজ করতে আপনি এয়ারটেল অ্যাপ ব্যাবহার করুন।

In conclusion, 

আশা করি Airtel internet balance check bd আপনাদের এই পোস্ট ভালো লেগেছে।এখানে Airtel MB check code bd পেয়ে থাকলে লাইক কমেন্ট করতে ভুলবেন না।

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কালিদাস গোপাল ভাঁড় খনার জনপ্রিয় বচন ধাঁধাঁ 1000 শালি দুলাভাই এর রসের ধাঁধা সমগ্র ডাউনলোড PDF

মজার তথ্য ✓ হাসির জোকস ✓ বাংলা হট জোকস ✓ বুদ্ধির ধাধার বই সমগ্র ডাউনলোড PDF


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আপনার এই পোস্টটি কেমন লেগেছে, মন্তব্য করে আমাদের জানান এবং এই পোস্টে কোনও ত্রুটি থাকলেও আমরা অবশ্যই এটি সংশোধন করে আপডেট করব।


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দৃষ্টি আকর্ষণ এই সাইটে সাধারণত আমরা নিজস্ব কোনো খবর তৈরী করি না.. আমরা বিভিন্ন নিউজ সাইট থেকে খবরগুলো সংশ্লিষ্ট সূত্রসহ প্রকাশ করে থাকি.. তাই কোনো খবর নিয়ে আপত্তি বা অভিযোগ থাকলে সংশ্লিষ্ট নিউজ সাইটের কতৃপক্ষের সাথে যোগাযোগ করার অনুরোধ রইলো। ধন্যবাদ সবাইকে।

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