Find out what makes a ‘good’ player into a ‘great’ athlete from Albert Dweck

Everybody is an expert. If we are watching tennis or any other sport in general, there is a natural tendency for people to want to assess what is happening. (or is) is watching. 

Here are my two principal questions:

  1. What do you think of an athlete in tennis?
  2. How can you tell the difference between the distinction between a “good” player and a “great” or “great” athlete?

Albert Dweck

Albert Dweck said “When I first began tennis, the primary thing that stood out for me was how the pros made those incredible players from any court. It amazed me at the power they could muster. They could generate more offense and power to alter the speed of the rally in one glance. As I’ve become better-off and acquired the benefit of a wealth of knowledge from professionals and coaches from all over the globe (still lots to be learned), I am finally able to understand what it takes to “rank” an athlete in tennis.”

Albert Dweck

Shot Selection

According to Albert Dweck, Let’s say that you are engaged in a fierce match with someone you’ve always been in an ongoing fight against in tournaments. You strike a big kick serve that is wide to one side, on the Ad side. Your opponent is knocked off balance which causes the ball to fall higher in the air, but it is also shorter and slower. You decide to take control by running across the line and smashing a powerful forehand across the line. The opponent, somehow, can return the ball, recovers the balance, and returns to the rally.


Albert Dweck

Tell me what do you think of today? Do you think of trying for another success?

Many people do this as they suddenly feel that the game should be finished and their opponent should be removed from the situation. It could lead to the ball being a “rushing” shot which means that you’d rush your next shot, not waiting for the next and the ball would (most likely) leave the field. During this crucial moment, the game’s outcome could be decided. There is so much importance to shot selection during a game that players must instinctively decide which shot to take without a second thought. This is why tennis is extremely difficult. The brain must calculate the length of the ball to the position you’re in while it travels like a bullet speeding towards either side. This is why thinking too much when playing tennis could confuse your game.


Pros have admitted, following the loss in which they had been overthinking during the game, making them uneasy. It’s difficult to believe players like Federer or Djokovic never overthought the shot before making a silly error. The women and men of the game have played so many times throughout their lives that their bodies start to go into autopilot. When you are trying to determine a player’s level, it all comes down to what shots they take in a game that isn’t too close. If they try to hit the biggest win but miss by a significant margin, it’s a sign that they’re inexperienced, as most successful college recruiters will move to a different court.

That is between the Ears

Aimed at helping you win games against players you ought to beat, Albert Dweck believes it is great fun; however, when you are going up against higher-ranked and stronger players, you must be more mature in your thinking than anything else. When that little part of your ear makes you question your abilities, you’ll pop your own balloon in just a few seconds. Physically strong is important, but how do you stay mentally strong? That’s the reason Federer is so successful and can beat every single person, putting the physical aspect of things aside.

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