Fiverr English Test-Basic U.S. English Skill Test Answer – 2023

Fiverr English Test-Basic U.S.

1. ____ that house have a finished basement?

  Answer: Does

2. Annie is ____ to get involved in the argument.

  Answer: Reluctant

3. There are no restaurants anywhere near the factory, ____?

  Answer: Are there

4. Everyone ____ Jimmy was invited to the party.

  Answer: Except

5. Does this bag belong to ____?

  Answer: You

6. If the hotel has no vacancy, you can stay with ____.

  Answer: Us

7. This house doesn’t have an attic, ____?

  Answer: Does it

8. _______ Julie’s car was brand new, it had mechanical problems.

  Answer: Even though

9. How many guests are we expecting ___?

  Answer: ?

10. I will present first unless someone _____ the agenda.

  Answer: Changes

11. ____ coming with us, right?

  Answer: You’re

12. Jan didn’t like _____ the food on the menu.

  Answer: Any of

13. What ______ about your performance?

  Answer: Did she say

14. _____ the name of your new boss?

  Answer: What’s

15. ____ roof has sprung a leak.

  Answer: The

16. The game show was hosted by an actor ____ name I can’t recall.

  Answer: Whose

17. Remember _____ the garage after ______ your project.

  Answer: To close, finishing

18. The company decided ___ logo was outdated.

  Answer: Its

19. By next month, the company ______ 2,000 self-driving cars.

  Answer: Will have sold

20. In my opinion, pistachios are better _____ almonds.

  Answer: Than

21. Which of the following sentences is punctuated correctly?

  “I’ll meet you there,” said Jonathan.

22. >Every minute of the play was _____.

  Answer: Memorable

23. We are looking to hire someone who has a strong _____ in management.

  Answer: Background

24. No, I didn’t turn ____ the radio.

  Answer: On

25. I don’t want to go in; there’s a massive ______.

  Answer: Queue

26. _____ the football team is in peak condition.

  Answer: Every

27. I think you used too _____ salt in your sauce.

  Answer: Much

28. When my husband comes home, ______ to dinner.

  Answer: We will go

29. Even if we work until midnight, we ____ miss the deadline.

  Answer: Will still

30. Jorge is talented _______ in English, Spanish, and French.

  Answer: At writing

31. ______ would you like to have the couch delivered?

  Answer: When

32. I’ll let you know _____ we arrive.

  Answer: When

33. I will be there on time unless my flight ______.

  Answer: Is delayed

34. Could you do ____ a favor?

  Answer: Us

35. I usually eat healthy, ______ I love the occasional slice of pizza.

  Answer: Although

36. Kwame will have hidden the presents _____ we get there.

  Answer: Before

37. _____ wasn’t the garage closed last night?

  Answer: Why

38. Without practice, our team will ____ to the Tigers.

  Answer: Lose

39. Dad won’t remember to bring the gifts unless _____ him.

  Answer: You ask

40. By 2021, Marcia ______ her second degree.

  Answer: Will have finished

41. The principal wants to have a meeting _____ Billy’s behavior.

  Answer: About

42. As soon as you wake up, you ____ to take the dog out.

  Answer: Need

43. After a three-hour delay, the food still ______.

  Answer: Hasn’t arrived

44. You should be more ______ in class.

  Answer: Attentive

45. During the hurricane, Jose’s home suffered a lot of ______.

  Answer: Damage

46. One of his least favorite job duties is _____ presentations.

  Answer: Giving

47. If Janine had given you constructive feedback, what _______ said?

  Answer: Would you have

48. To join the organization, you need a lot of ______.

  Answer: Money

49. My ____ engine is making a strange sound.

  Answer: Car’s

50. There’s an extra coffee mug ____ the counter.

  Answer: On

51. Malik hasn’t called you today, _____ he?

  Answer: Has

52. All of the supplies on the table are for ____.

  Answer: Me

53. Once you finish your paperwork ___ bring it back to the reception desk.

  Answer: ;

54. The dog is sleeping _____ the table.

  Answer: Underneath

55. You don’t happen to have a pen, ____?

  Answer: Do you

56. We can only serve beer ____ wine at the event.

  Answer: Or

57. I finally feel ____ enough to return to work.

  Answer: Well

58. _____ new store just opened last week.

  Answer: Their

59. _____ I win the lottery, I still want to work.

  Answer: Even if

60. You have to take ____ of your medicine to feel better.

  Answer: Each

61. ______ it rains, the garage floods.

  Answer: Every time

62. Gerard’s favorite activity on Sundays is ______.

  Answer: Sleeping

63. How ____ milk is needed for this recipe?

  Answer: Much

64. If we would have left earlier, we ______ on time.

  Answer: Would have arrived

65. Mr. Evans gave everyone a cupcake as a ____ gesture.

  Answer: Nice

66. Angus sprinted _____ the finish line.

  Answer: Toward

67. Gretchen agreed ______ me with my philosophy homework.

  Answer: To help

68. Did you hear about what ______ to the Smith family?

  Answer: Happened

69. The pest control team will arrive _____ 10 a.m.

  Answer: At

70. I’m going to sleep now because I’m _____ tired.

  Answer: Very

71. You are ____ to read the book of your choosing.

  Answer: Free

72. I will attend the meeting _____ Mr. Williams.

  Answer: In place of

73. Which of the following sentences is punctuated correctly?

  Answer: June will present chapter one, and Josh will present the rest.

74. Sometimes, it’s dangerous to cook with _____.

  Answer: Heat

75. There’s no point _____ the truth.

  Answer: In denying

76. Which of the following sentences is punctuated correctly?

  Answer: After I graduate, I’ll move back to Nebraska.

77. _____ were upset about _____ extra homework.

  Answer: Students, much

78. ____ don’t usually like the same movies.

  Answer: They

79. We’ll find Gemma’s teddy bear, ______ it is.

  Answer: Wherever

80. When are you going to buy ____ new car?

  Answer: A

81. I would have cleaned the house if I ______ you were coming.

  Answer: Had known

82. I ______ the writer’s conference last year.

  Answer: Attended


 Most of the movie was shot in the _____.

  Answer: Desert

84. Which of the following sentences is punctuated correctly?

  Answer: How many siblings do you have?

85. The hospital needs more _____ with ______ in neurology.

  Answer: Doctors, experience

86. Carol will be successful because she writes ______.

  Answer: Beautifully

87. Which of the following sentences is punctuated correctly?

  Answer: I returned the sweater with the black sequins yesterday.

88. _____ assigned this project to you on such short notice?

  Answer: Who

89. Please be sure ______ your phone while _______.

  Answer: To turn off, driving

90. ____ the weather, we have to leave today.

  Answer: Regardless of

91. If you don’t feel well, you should ____ down.

  Answer: Lie

92. _____ a bad ninth inning, the team still won.

  Answer: Despite

93. I refuse to _______ Chester’s apology.

  Answer: Accept

94. _____ it rains today, we’ll have to move the party indoors.

  Answer: If

95. You haven’t seen my car keys, _____?

  Answer: Have you

96. If the power goes out, we _____ to use the backup generator.

  Answer: Will have

97. Mr. Weaver was accused ____ falsifying records.

  Answer: Of

98. A protestor climbed _____ the stage during the ceremony.

  Answer: Onto

99. The sale only _____ to select products.

  Answer: Applies

100. The Queen’s ____ has lasted for several decades.

   Answer: Reign

101. I’ll be there ______ I can.

   Answer: As soon as

102. I’m happy to announce that Ms. Williamson ______ the position.

   Answer: Has accepted

103. Did you remember _____ the oven when you finished?

   Answer: To turn off

104. Figure it out amongst ______.

   Answer: Yourselves

105. During the heist, the thief risked _____ being caught.

   Answer: Being

106. If I buy the tickets, ______ buy the popcorn?

   Answer: Will you

107. If your phone stops working, ______ a new one?

  Answer: Will you get

108. When you’re done, _____ your books to your room.

  Answer: Bring

109. To ___ does this coat belong?

  Answer: Whom

110. Meredith really enjoys _____ satire.

  Answer: Writing

111. The Burj Khalifa is the ____ tallest building.

  Answer: World’s

112. _____ Billy failed the test, he still passed the class.

  Answer: Even though

113. It was the ____ movie Jean had ever seen.

  Answer: Worst

114. The college needs a professor ___ specializes in economics.

  Answer: Who

115. We don’t like selfies because we don’t know how to take pictures of _____.

  Answer: Ourselves

116. I wish Jeremy ____ us about the meeting before today.

  Answer: Had told

117. Which of the following sentences is punctuated correctly?

  Answer: Sean, the youngest of six, was the family’s only college graduate.

118. The venue changed, but ____ closer to home.

  Answer: It’s

119. High pitched sounds in the recording are _____ audible, but they can be heard at high volume.

  Answer: Barely

120. Jessie asked ___ “What are you guys doing after class?”

  Answer: ?

121. When the TV show ends, _____ give you my undivided attention.

  Answer: I will

122. You should slice the pizza _____ so everyone gets a slice.

  Answer: Equally

123. ____ need to pick a dessert for the reception.

  Answer: We

124. No one is allowed in the building _____ they show their ID badge.

  Answer: Unless

125. _____ Phyllis angry with us for making too much noise?

  Answer: Why

126. I’d like to accept this award _________ Vanessa, who couldn’t be here tonight.

  Answer: On behalf of

127. We can’t take the dog _____ while there’s lightning.

  Answer: Outside

128. If I earn a bonus this year, I ______ to Italy.

  Answer: Will have traveled

129. Bradley will need help _____ the first semester.

  Answer: Throughout

130. There weren’t any violations, ____?

  Answer: Weren’t there

131. Our family plans ______ to Mexico for the summer.

  Answer: To go

132. Charles ran ____ the building before the rain started.

  Answer: Into

133. Everyone entered the contest _____ Jill.

  Answer: Except

134. When ______ first place, my parents will be so proud.

  Answer: I win

135. At noon, the board will announce ____ has been appointed as CEO.

  Answer: Who

136. Can someone please pass ____ bread?

  Answer: The

137. The room feels crowded because there are ________ people in here.

  Answer: Too many

138. _____ you going on vacation in April?

  Answer: Are

139. We’re not going on vacation ____ August.

  Answer: Until

140. Caleb’s parents have a meeting with the _____ today.

  Answer: Principal

141. Next Friday, the restaurant ______ at 4 p.m. for dinner.

  Answer: Will open

142. Let me know ______ you’d like to go to dinner.

  Answer: When

143. Take an extra layer in case _____ cold in the auditorium.

  Answer: It is

144. _______ is this sweater fashionable, _____ it’s also ethically made.

  Answer: Not only, but

145. We can’t leave _____ the driveway is blocked.

  Answer: If

146. Which of the following sentences is punctuated correctly?

  Answer: Mr. Williams introduced us to Peter, a new student from Denmark.

147. For stronger bones, your son should drink ____ milk.

  Answer: A

148. It’s a nice house, ____ it’s not my top choice.

  Answer: But

149. Professor Grant thought the presentation was _______ unacceptable.

  Answer: Completely

150. I’d like a coffee ____ a tea.

  Answer: And

151. The entire room is reserved for ___.

  Answer: Us

152. Bruce studied hard, ____ he thought the exam was easy.

  Answer: Because

153. The security guard stopped the thief ____ stealing two sweaters.

  Answer: From

154. I’ve made arrangements ______ at a five-star resort.

  Answer: To stay

155. ____ bag ripped because it was too full.

  Answer: His

156. I was ____ surprised that my contract was renewed.

  Answer: Very

157. Aunt Ann walked ____ for one hour.

  Answer: Briskly

158. My brother’s sense of humor is nothing ____ mine.

  Answer: Like

159. Georgia ______ there for 15 years.

  Answer: Has worked

160. Charlie’s letter ____ that he was homesick.

  Answer: Implied

161. We should _____ the meeting at 8 a.m. sharp.

  Answer: Start

162. Try to _____ in on what the author is saying in the article.

  Answer: Hone

163. It wasn’t _____ film of the year, but it still won _____.

  Answer: The best, awards

164. We’ll stay at Grandma’s house ____ our visit.

  Answer: During

165. After the party ____ we should head home.

  Answer: ?

166. My flight is delayed because the aircraft ______ yet.

  Answer: Hasn’t arrived

167. I _____ into an old friend from high school last night.

  Answer: Ran

168. We have ____ food to feed the entire family.

  Answer: Plenty of

169. The ______ new house had a finished basement with a wine cellar.

  Answer: Johnson’s

170. Next August, the entire cast ______ to France for the premiere.

  Answer: Will travel

171. I’ve loved reading _____ I was just 5 years old.

  Answer: Since

172. We’ll need five more plates _____ what we already have.

  Answer: In addition to

173. The plumber ____ us if we’d had problems with the sink before.

  Answer: Asked

174. _____ neighborhood has the best school district?

  Answer: Which

175. I hope the weather clears up so we __________ for a walk.

  Answer: Can go

176. How will the organization be ______ by these changes?

  Answer: Affected

177. It was a _____ that we both arrived at the same time.

  Answer: Coincidence

178. _____ are organizing the potluck dinner.

  Answer: We

179. A ___ of my colleagues attended the conference, so I wasn’t alone.

  Answer: Few

180. How will the weather ____ the construction project?

  Answer: Affect

181. Miriam skipped the party ____ she was ill.

  Answer: Because

182. The historic home ______ 100 years ago.

  Answer: Was constructed

183. If you leave the bread out, it _______ become stale.

  Answer: Will

184. The students must walk in an _____ fashion.

  Answer: Orderly

185. The train is never on time when I ______ late.

  Answer: Am running

186. Yesterday, the entire

 family ______ their gifts at the same time.

  Answer: Opened

187. Today’s heat is just too much to ______.

  Answer: Bear

188. We must leave now because we have _____ time to spare.

  Answer: Little

189. Which of the following sentences is punctuated correctly?

  Answer: You didn’t finish the homework, did you?

190. ______ should we go when the assembly is over?

  Answer: Where

191. Billy can publish anything on his blog ________ it’s true.

  Answer: As long as

192. We have to turn _____ all phones during dinner.

  Answer: Off

193. _____ James _____ Jessie are getting promoted.

  Answer: Both, and

194. If ______ my help, you can reach me at my desk.

  Answer: You need

195. _____ time should we start the meeting?

  Answer: When

196. If you’re not feeling well, ______ come to the office.

  Answer: You should not

197. Kim suggested _____ at 5 p.m. to discuss our progress.

  Answer: Meeting

198. _____ the avocados have gone bad.

  Answer: Some of

199. I washed your t-shirt because it was _____.

  Answer: Oily

200. _____ Mr. Smith _____ Ms. Brown could chaperone the dance.

  Answer: Neither, nor

201. We need to clean up and put everything in ____ place.

  Answer: Its

202. Which sentence is correct?

  Answer: Because Gary practices every day, he is a great pianist.

203. I don’t know where I left ___ keys.

  Answer: My

204. Everyone laughed when the cat climbed ____ the stage.

  Answer: Onto

205. Do you know _____ the boys have left yet?

  Answer: Whether

206. How long is your commute to work ____

  Answer: ?

207. “I can help,____ said Mrs. Wilson.

  Answer: ,

208. If we close the store now, _____ we lose money?

  Answer: Will

209. Bobby was frequently late for work, ____ he received a great performance review.

  Answer: yet

210. Randy pretended ______ the meal even though he dislikes broccoli.

  Answer: to enjoy

211. One of the main symptoms of the virus is _____.

  Answer: nausea

212. Everyone will have a chance to say their ____ during the meeting.

  Answer: piece

213. In tonight’s game, the Celtics will play ____ the Bulls.

  Answer: against

214. Brad said he’d like to ride ____ us.

  Answer: with

215. The textbook is ____ world history and geography.

  Answer: on

216. James has to start over because he cleaned his room _____.

  Answer: sloppily

217. Neither Phoebe ____ Rachel admitted to breaking the glass.

  Answer: nor

218. I haven’t seen Joanna ____ last Friday.

  Answer: since

219. Mrs. Briar chose ____ for the job.

  Answer: me

220. Which van should we take – ____ or ours?

  Answer: theirs

221. ____ project won first place in the competition.

  Answer: My

222. We could drive instead _______ an Uber.

  Answer: of taking

223. Carl and ___ are the only chaperones for the field trip.

  Answer: I

224. The band started playing after _____.

  Answer: you left

225. Which of these coats is ____?

  Answer: yours

226. The orchestra’s holiday performance was just _____.

  Answer: delightful

227. The girl with the _____ hair is Jenny.

  Answer: curly

228. I still need to ____ out my ideas for the book.

  Answer: flesh

229. Where ______ purchased?

  Answer: was the coat

230. Which of the following sentences is punctuated correctly?

  Answer: Their slogan says, “The best barbecue in town.”

231. When Dylan was young, he dreamed ___ becoming a firefighter.

  Answer: of

232. Paul threw out the bottle because he _______ it was yours.

  Answer: didn’t know

233. I anticipate ______ the project complete by Tuesday.

  Answer: having

234. _____ are sharing one hotel suite for the entire trip.

  Answer: They

235. You will only get a promotion if ______ hard.

  Answer: you work

236. When Mauricio ____ through the front door, everyone will yell, “Surprise!”

  Answer: walks

237. Are you interested ______ us for dinner?

  Answer: in joining

238. The audience doesn’t care ______ questions.

  Answer: about

239. This basketball needs more air because it’s not ____ enough.

  Answer: bouncy

240. Briana will clean the kitchen _____ Edward vacuums the rugs.

  Answer: while

241. Which of the following sentences is punctuated correctly?

  Answer: My parents’ new car has more modern features than your parents’.

242. For our homework, we have to listen ____ a podcast.

  Answer: to

243. Every driver must show proof of ____ insurance.

  Answer: their

244. When ______ the good news?

  Answer: will Sherrie share

245. _____ it rains _____ not, the show must go on.

  Answer: Whether, or

246. What meal ______ when she got sick?

  Answer: was April eating

247. John refuses to try anything new because he’s risk-_____.

  Answer: averse

248. I have three items in my backpack ____ a book, a pen, and my wallet.

  Answer: :

249. ____ almost time for us to leave.

  Answer: It’s

250. We will spend the afternoon at the job _____.

  Answer: site

251. _____ is one of my favorite pastimes.

  Answer: Reading

252. I love ham sandwiches ____ only on rye bread.

  Answer: but

253. ______ seen any good TV shows lately?

  Answer: Have you

254. The committee is interested _______ your thoughts.

  Answer: in hearing

255. There isn’t ____ space in the car for four more people.

  Answer: enough

256. Jenny is so young, ____ she has accomplished so much.

  Answer: yet

257. After dinner, no one ______ to load the dishwasher.

  Answer: wanted

258. Brendan was sent home early for behaving ______.

  Answer: inappropriately

259. She and ____ will meet you at 7 p.m.

  Answer: I

260. You can’t use your cell phone once you’re _____ the plane.

  Answer: aboard

261. ____ project won first place in the competition.

  Answer: My

262. Because of the snow, the bus ______ yet.

  Answer: hasn’t arrived

263. The group is _____ of three experienced doctors.

  Answer: composed

264. Jasmine learned _______ five languages when she was a child.

  Answer: to speak

265. ______ if I adjust the thermostat?

  Answer: Would you mind

266. Do you know _____ this door is locked?

  Answer: why

267. You need a good sense of _____ to enjoy the TV show.

  Answer: humor

268. The office needs an assistant ____ takes initiative.

  Answer: who

269. Matthias has to work early tomorrow, but he is happy ______ tonight.

  Answer: to go out

270. The meteorologist urged everyone to drive _____ after the storm.

  Answer: slowly

271. Jackie _____ the actor to ask for his autograph.

  Answer: approached

272. Dinner didn’t start until 9 p.m. because everyone was ____ late.

  Answer: so

273. Which of the following sentences is punctuated correctly?

  Answer: Julie’s house is the blue one on the left.

274. Does he like to _____ music in his spare time?

  Answer: compose

275. I yearn _____ a vacation after this difficult semester.

  Answer: for taking

276. Who is _____ leader in ______?

  Answer: the oldest, the world

276. Are you the person in charge here ____

  Answer: ?

277. If you ____ at the gifts, you’ll ruin the surprise.

  Answer: peek

278. After the next presentation, let’s take a ______.

  Answer: break

279. Sue had only positive things to say _____ our party.

  Answer: about

280. Christine didn’t like pickles, _____ she ate one anyway.

  Answer: but

281. When I graduated from college, I ______ to New York City.

  Answer: moved

282. Please walk ____ while you move the vase across the room.

  Answer: carefully

283. What _______ to you?

  Answer: does art mean

284. Roger needs a minute to catch his ______.

  Answer: breath

285. I only packed three shirts ____ a red one, a black one, and a green one.

  Answer: ,

286. I don’t recall ______ anything about extra time off.

  Answer: hearing

287. Don’t forget to take your wallet ____ you.

  Answer: with

288. William sat ____ me during the play.

  Answer: beside

289. ____ meal comes with a bowl of _____.

  Answer: The, soup

290. We ______ to tour the campus

 next week.

  Answer: are going

291. You know how to scramble eggs, _____?

  Answer: don’t you

292. How much _______ when you checked in for the flight?

  Answer: did your suitcase weigh

293. This store is closed ___ We should try another place

  Answer: .

294. Samantha decided to turn on the ceiling fan _____ it was too warm.

  Answer: because

295. We bought ____ food this week.

  Answer: less

296. The jam is on ______ of the fridge.

  Answer: the top shelf

297. Carla needs more ____ before she takes ____ exam.

  Answer: sleep, the

298. Justin still ______ yet.

  Answer: hasn’t apologized

299. Jerry has six daughters, and ____ all live in Las Vegas.

  Answer: they

300. Carrie is an introvert and tends _____ shy with new people.

  Answer: to be

301. The gift with the red bow is ____

  Answer: yours

302. You shouldn’t carry ____ much cash when you travel abroad.

  Answer: so

303. Make sure you learn every client’s name _____ you can introduce them to each other.

  Answer: so that

304. The recent cold weather is the _____ reason for the decline in occupancy.

  Answer: primary

305. As usual, Mr. Park had _____ for breakfast before he left for _____.

  Answer: coffee, work

306. After _____, I rode my bicycle to work.

  Answer: eating

307. The _____ largest gym has both a steam room and a sauna.

Answer: hotel’s

308. Many of the employees complained ______ the management over low pay.

Answer: to

309. Building a new wing for the hotel is impossible. We have _________ the funds.

Answer: neither the land nor

310. It wasn’t _____ play Ms. Yee had ever seen, but it was _____ one.

Answer: the best, a good

311. Peter lost control of his car and just missed crashing _____ a wall.

Answer: into

312. Which of the following sentences is punctuated correctly?

Answer: The emperor was wearing no clothes, which was quite obvious to Beverly.

313. Max was completely _____ with trying to complete his dissertation.

Answer: fed up

314. _____ at high elevation contains less _____.

Answer: The air, oxygen

315. Which of the following sentences is punctuated correctly?

Answer: Ms. Giardi arrived before we did. Didn’t she?

316. We didn’t use all of the gasoline, so the _____ should be enough to get you to the station.

Answer: remainder

317. I often dream _____ traveling to foreign countries.

Answer: of

318. Which of the following sentences is punctuated correctly?

Answer: The watch with the black dial was repaired and returned.

319. It remains unclear whether it is more _____ to attract new customers or to retain existing ones.

Answer: profitable

320. The picture was taken by an artist _____ name I can’t remember.

Answer: whose

321. The driver was able to repair the tire, _____ there were tools in the trunk of the car.

Answer: as

322. (Note: Question 322 is missing.)

323. I wish it would stop raining so that I _____ outside.

Answer: could go

324. I found my friends seated _____ the front row of the theater.

Answer: in

325. How _____ to repair six computers in an hour?

Answer: did you manage

326. Seeing this snow globe reminds me _____ to Clear Lake every winter with my family.

Answer: of going

327. _____ it’s true that more trees need to be planted, there is still enough shade for the swimming pool.

Answer: So

328. Joseph wasn’t home when you went to visit him, _____ he?

Answer: was

329. The concert started late, _____ annoyed a lot of people.

Answer: which

330. How many documents _____ yesterday?

Answer: did you have to sign

331. Let’s hope Ms. Noor finds a good job _____ she goes.

Answer: wherever

332. The addition of a new rail line has made the northern part of the city much more _____.

Answer: accessible

333. Jason discovered the small piece of metal in the engine _____ was causing all the problems.

Answer: that

334. Mr. Faisal said that he _____ David since yesterday morning.

Answer: hadn’t seen

335. Ms. Cepeda’s designs were _____ detailed that there was no need to revise them.

Answer: so

336. Rebecca forgave Jason _____ not contacting her for six months.

Answer: for

337. Which of the following sentences is punctuated correctly?

Answer: The tallest man who was from Sweden introduced me to Jennifer.

338. OLP Airlines is looking for _____ with _____ on an international flight.

Answer: pilots, experience

339. I wish George _____ me about the bad acoustics in the room before I took the stage.

Answer: had warned

340. The lifetime warranty only _____ to tools that have not been refurbished.

Answer: applies

341. Unfortunately, there wasn’t _____ left after the picnic.

Answer: any bread

342. The doorman won’t allow you to enter _____ you provide identification.

Answer: unless

343. What would you have done if Ms. Adams _____ the package unopened?

Answer: had returned

344. Melissa was the only one _____ managed to finish the examination on time.

Answer: who

345. The hotel _____ we had our company retreat was very clean.

Answer: where

346. It took Walter an hour to figure _____ where he had parked his car.

Answer: out

347. _____ Igor go every day after he finishes work?

Answer: Where does

348. Let’s listen _____ what Mr. Freund says about increasing our revenue.

Answer: to

349. Would it make _____ if I leave tonight instead of early in the morning?

Answer: a difference

350. It was _____ flight that kept us in _____ for 12 hours.

Answer: the long, the air

351. You need to use a gauge to figure out how much _____ is in your tires.

Answer: the air

352. The _____ of money required to rebuild the engine is more than a new one would cost.

Answer: amount

353. Sales of the heavy coats have been _____ slow in the summer.

Answer: predictably

354. Deliveries from SpeedCo are _____ punctual.

Answer: reliably

355. We never know if Ms. Lee is going to arrive at the office _____ time.

Answer: on

356. The steel _____ from our plant in Germany increased by 17% last year.

Answer: output

357. Do you know if Roger got _____ he applied for _____ week?

Answer: the job, last

358. Most of the antiques in the shop are in excellent _____.

Answer: condition

359. Peter saw Rebecca crossing the street when he was stopped _____ the traffic light.

Answer: at

360. Ms. Okung insisted _____ for my dinner last night.

Answer: on paying

361. Ms. Kittle brings two forms of identification with her _____ she goes.

Answer: wherever

362. There was an unexpected guest at the conference, _____ an extra chair was brought in.

Answer: so

363. The bicycle will have to be _____ so that it can fit into a shipping crate.

Answer: dismantled

364. Yuko doesn’t like to spend money _____ jewelry or cars.

Answer: on

365. I don’t understand why the 3:10 train from Mumbai _____ yet.

Answer: hasn’t arrived

366. Tomorrow Ms. Rogers will tell us _____ she has decided to do.

Answer: what

367. If we take the 9:30 flight, we _____ too late.

Answer: will arrive

368. Mr. Lanza has a very _____ attitude for such a young man.

Answer: mature

369. _____ ever seen the Northern Lights?

Answer: Have you

370. _____ of the six people who attended the concert stayed until the final song.

Answer: None

371. Responses to our new package design have been _____ positive.

Answer: overwhelmingly

372. I sometimes visit my grandmother in Prague, _____ is quite close to my home.

Answer: which

373. While Mr. Yoo was painting the bedroom, Mr. Kerr _____ furniture from the living room.

Answer: was removing

374. Would you be interested ____ working for the government?

Answer: in

375. You didn’t have to carry your passport with you, _____?

Answer: did you

376. When _____ to tell us what our next assignment is going to be?

Answer: is Tom going

377. What is _____ ocean in _____?

Answer: the largest, the world

378. Ms. Baker found the conference to be rather _____.

Answer: boring

379. Investigators accused Mr. Russell _____ money from the safe.

Answer: of stealing

380. Mr. Bellini _____ yet because his plane is delayed.

Answer: hasn’t arrived

381. I encourage you to think _____ where you want to be in five years.

Answer: about

382. The worst way to get your way is to shout _____ people.

Answer: at

383. Mr. Staley congratulated Deborah _____ the award.

Answer: on winning

384. Charles _____ to meet his fiancée in Japan on her birthday next August.

Answer: is going

385. The thing I don’t like about this restaurant is _____ .

Answer: the noise

386. Most people can’t repair an automobile all by _____.

Answer: themselves

387. As we speak, Ms. Luo _____ her way here from Germany.

Answer: is making

388. In six months PLK Manufacturing’s Delhi factory will be completely _____.

Answer: operational

389. _____ checkout time is 11am, exceptions can always be made as a courtesy to guests.

Answer: However

390. If Elsa’s grandmother lived closer, she _____ her more often.

Answer: would visit

391. If I had known his phone number, I _____ him.

Answer: would have called

392. Which of the following sentences is punctuated correctly?

Answer: The emperor was wearing no clothes, which was quite obvious to Beverly.

393. Ruth does not want to work full time, but she is open _____ in on a freelance basis.

Answer: to come

394. Ms. Melani would like to see all essays from this year, including _____ that are not finished yet.

Answer: those

395. Maria is _____ who specializes in _____ .

Answer: a doctor, the elderly

396. ______ Mr. Goff’s scheduling mistake, the event took place on time.

Answer: In spite of

397. After you fill out the form completely _____ the doctor will see you.

Answer: ;

398. John is bringing a water bottle with him in case he _____ thirsty.

Answer: gets

399. Which of the following sentences is punctuated correctly?

Answer: Mr. Bogojevic said that he had watched the entire tennis match.

400. Pamela has three computers, all of _____ are very old.

Answer: which

401. For the past ten years, MotoCorp _____ the world’s most fuel-efficient cars.

Answer: has been building

402. Ms. Neruda has a very positive attitude _____ her work.

Answer: toward

403. It began to rain just as the party goers _____.

Answer: were leaving

404. The critics said that the movie was _____ funny.

Answer: outrageously

405. Ms. Myers commented that _____ she slept in at the hotel was better than _____ she slept in at home.

Answer: the bed, the one

406. _____ the weather was perfect, the groundbreaking ceremony had to be postponed.

Answer: Although

406. _____ the weather was perfect, the groundbreaking ceremony had to be postponed.

Answer: Although

407. Do you know _____ Judy has arrived in Salzburg yet?

Answer: whether

408. Mr. Guo’s ideas about international relations were _____ extreme than we expected.

Answer: more

409. By this time last year, this company _____ 500 printing presses.

Answer: had sold

410. So far this week, I _____ three seminars about the future of aviation.

Answer: have attended

411. Don’t forget _____ the oven after ____ the pie.

Answer: to turn off, removing

412. Surprisingly, guests have a _____ to use the indoor pool in the summer.

Answer: tendency

413. Leila turned _____ the job because she didn’t want to spend her time in sales.

Answer: down

414. While Jeffery was traveling in France, he _____ into an old friend from college.

Answer: ran

415. If the customer signs the receipt, we _____ responsible for the lost package.

Answer: haven’t been

416. We were surprised that Ms. Lafarge is _____ good at product design.

Answer: so

417. Ms. Johnson complained that there was no heat in her room. _____, the mechanic was working on the boiler.

Answer: Meanwhile

418. _____ asked you to finish the project by Friday?

Answer: Who

419. Would you choose a career as _____ instructor?

Answer: a flight

420. _____ we need to do is examine why our business has slowed down.

Answer: What

421. Nori loves to sit on a bench atop the cliff near her house and look out over _____.

Answer: the ocean

422. Before I applied _____ the job, I researched the company.

Answer: for

423. There weren’t more than five people at the demonstration, _____?

Answer: were there

424. If the bank offers me the job, I don’t think I ____ it.

Answer: will take

425. Which of the following sentences is punctuated correctly?

Answer: “The only person who was interested in the job was Michael.”

426. Which of the following sentences is punctuated correctly?

Answer: ““I can’t start the meeting,” said Ms. Lee, “without the entire staff present.””

427. There was a sweater left behind at the party, but Ichiro couldn’t figure out _____ it was.

Answer: whose

428. Jenny spent ten minutes trying to sort out _____ jacket was _____.

Answer: whose, hers

429. Make sure to take your shoes _____ before you enter Ms. Tanaka’s house.

Answer: off

430. The research department found that adding more oxygen to the mixture was the solution _____ the problem.

Answer: to

431. By the end of this year, Joseph _____ his book about Italian furniture.

Answer: will have completed

432. You _____ the exam unless you study harder.

Answer: won’t pass

433. Luckily, we brought extra food. _____, we would have gotten very hungry.

Answer: Otherwise

434. It costs $125 to _____ your membership to the gym every year.

Answer: renew

435. Employees’ suggestions to management may be _____ so that employees can feel free to express their thoughts.

Answer: anonymous

436. Ms. Sanders can’t remember _____ in the hospital when she was three years old.

Answer: being

437. The electric cart doesn’t have a reverse gear, _____?

Answer: does it

438. _____ did Rebecca know that you wouldn’t be coming to work today?

Answer: Who

439. Ms. Hassan got _____ the bus and walked three blocks to her cousin’s house.

Answer: off

440. High pitched sounds in the recording are _____ audible, but they can be heard at high volume.

Answer: barely

441. Do you know _____ gone?

Answer: where has Tom

442. Dr. Wurtz didn’t know that the briefcase in the corner was _____.

Answer: his

443. The condition of the merchandise was unacceptable, so I demanded that they give me my money _____.

Answer: back

444. If Ms. Hernandez _____ for many years at an ad agency, she wouldn’t have so many clients as an independent contractor.

Answer: hadn’t worked

445. We usually start with the marketing phase, even if we are not finished _____ the development of the product.

Answer: with

446. Out of all of us, Jose was the one _____ scored the highest on the exam.

Answer: who

447. I’ve never seen specifications as detailed as _____.

Answer: these

448. If Brandon finishes his work by 5:00, he _____ us at the Rosewood Cafe.

Answer: will meet

449. The budget report for last year was very _____ researched.

Answer: well

450. Ms. Arguello never expected that her podcast would be _____ popular.

Answer: so

451. If Rebecca had sent the replacement part for the copier, we _____ it yesterday.

Answer: would have received

452. We are looking to hire someone who has a strong _____ in management.

Answer: background

453. Hiring freelancers is not _____ expensive as bringing in a new employee.

Answer: as

454. How _____ from the airport to the hotel?

Answer: did you get

455. Many people have difficulty _____ the entrance examination for IT courses at the Snell Institute.

Answer: passing

456. No one has yet succeeded _____ improving on Ms. Glaser’s original design for our company’s logo.

Answer: in

457. _____ someone sends me a text, I get back to them within 10 minutes.

Answer: Whenever

458. Mr. Mettner said that he _____ the security deposit for the apartment.

Answer: hadn’t yet received

459. Martin Beale _____ all of the legal matters for RTG Plastics Inc.

Answer: handles

460. By next February Roger ______ at his new job for six months.

Answer: will have been working

461. If you are in town next week, we should have _____ together.

Answer: dinner

462. People will be able to set up websites by _____ because the platform is so simple.

Answer: themselves

463. The factory floor supervisor started the generator _____ the power had gone out.

Answer: because

464. Ms. Fiallos was not _____ for the truck driver position because she did not have a valid driver’s license.

Answer: eligible

465. When she discovered the briefcase didn’t belong to her, she tried to find out _____ it was.

Answer: whose

466. Sites like are _____ way to send large documents.

Answer: the best

467. The bulky frame made the picture _____ heavy to hang on the wall.

Answer: too

468. _____ Wednesday, two of the key people on the design team called in sick.

Answer: On

469. When _____ us the final draft of the report?

Answer: will you send

470. Robert will stay at the job site until 6pm unless Tony _____ to replace him first.

Answer: comes

471. Mr. Weiss considers his company’s move to Canada to be _____.

Answer: successful

472. Try to guess the definition of a word without looking it _____ in the dictionary.

Answer: up

473. The amount of _____ housing in the southern part of the city has increased

 in the last five years.

Answer: affordable

474. Russell doesn’t usually work on weekends. _____, he will make an exception for this client.

Answer: However

475. _____ of us are going anywhere this weekend because there is too much work to do.

Answer: None

476. The manufacturing operation _____ smoothly while Ms. Kurtz was on vacation.

Answer: ran

477. First I will send you the document ________________

. Then I will bill you.

Answer: : then I will bill you.

478. Luckily, Mona remembered _____ an extra set of keys to give to Max.

Answer: to bring

479. Who _____ to inform him that his bid for the apartment renovation had been accepted?

Answer: Did Eric call

480. Which of the following sentences is punctuated correctly?

Answer: “I can get you to the airport in fifteen minutes,” the taxi driver said.

481. After an hour, the mechanic was able to pull the tire _____ of the wheel.

Answer: off

482. It’s important to put _____ into _____ of any new project.

Answer: time, planning

483. Please forgive me _____ not informing you about the problems we were having with the new software.

Answer: for

484. _____ sent you to deliver the printer?

Answer: Who

485. No one has figured out exactly _____ caused the power failure.

Answer: what

486. ___ twelve years, Opal Systems has been designing operating systems for government institutions.

Answer: For

487. Ricardo’s boss _____ him telling the client how to use the software.

Answer: heard

488. The committee _____ the job of quality control to Karl Mertz.

Answer: assigned

489. If I _____ my vacation in March, I never would have met Mr. Edwards.

Answer: had taken

490. Most people prefer sleeping at home _____ sleeping on an airplane.

Answer: to

491. Mr. Ibanez gave _____ calling Mr. Hansen after Mr. Hansen never responded to his messages.

Answer: up

492. Tomas decided to visit _____ sisters in Amsterdam in April.

Answer: his

493. _____ happened after I left work yesterday?

Answer: What

494. Please continue to use the front entrance _____ a delivery is too large to fit through the door.

Answer: unless

495. Ms. Elkin had two bags with her when she arrived, _____?

Answer: didn’t she

496. The new operating system should significantly reduce the _____ of time it takes to upload documents.

Answer: amount

497. _____ the switch on the back of the machine do?

Answer: What does

498. The _____ for submissions to the design competition is March 3.

Answer: deadline

499. Monday is a holiday, _____ Emily will contact you on Tuesday.

Answer: so

500. _____ our supplier’s shipment was late, I managed to get most of the order ready.

Answer: Despite

501. Which of the following sentences is punctuated correctly?

Answer: “Sam’s dad’s truck was found without its wheels.”

502. Ms. Costas depends _____ three major accounts for most of her business.

Answer: on

503. Which of the following sentences is punctuated correctly?

Answer: “Everyone in the copywriting department always checks each other’s work.”

504. A huge traffic jam prevented Lila _____ getting to the airport on time.

Answer: from

505. Mr. Yee shops at _____ hardware store in his area.

Answer: the only

506. _____________, I will have the report done by next week.

Answer: Whether I take on another job or not

507. _____ is an important ingredient in any soup.

Answer: Salt

508. Now that Ms. Brecht has retired, we all agree it will be difficult to _____ her.

Answer: replace

509. The results of the study were inconclusive. _____, more research needs to be done.

Answer: Therefore

510. Which of the following sentences is punctuated correctly?

Answer: “The lunch truck arrived with nothing more than a hamburger, three hot dogs, and an apple turnover.”

511. Our marketing strategy is based on _____ experience.

Answer: both data and

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