Margot Robbie reacts to pics of her crying backyard Cara Delevingne’s domestic

Margot Robbie is putting the file straight
Margot Robbie is putting the file straight

Birds of Prey famous person Margot Robbie made headlines when she was once photographed in tears in Cara Delevingne’s home.

This precipitated a challenge for their friendship, with many speculating that it had something to do with Kara’s lately considered erratic behavior.

But Margot insisted in an interview with Vanity Fair that she had something in her eye. 

‘I had something in my eye,’ she instructed the outlet.

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‘I used to be making an attempt to preserve my face mask, attempting to preserve the espresso cup and I could not get a single hair out of my eyes.’

Margot stated her mom referred to as to see if the whole thing was once OK after seeing photographs in the tabloids. 


The DC actress instructed Vanity Fair that she wasn’t even at Cara’s residence in the photo.

He explained, ‘I’m out of an Airbnb that I’ve been renting for 5 days! And I’m no longer crying!’


Unfortunately, it is something the actress offers regularly, and she’s learned, as Vanity Fair put it, ‘she can not debunk each false story.’ 

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Margot said, ‘You desire to restore it, however you can’t. You have to see the way, I do not know.’

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