How old is the universe?

The universe, on the other hand, appears to be about 13.8 billion years old.

How old is the universe
How old is the universe

Scientists arrived at that number by measuring the ages of the oldest stars and the rate at which the universe expands. They also measured the expansion by observing the Doppler shift in light from galaxies, almost all of which are traveling away from us and from each other. The farther the galaxies are, the faster they’re traveling away. One might expect gravity to slow the galaxies’ motion from one another, but instead they’re speeding up and scientists don’t know why. In the distant future, the galaxies will be so far away that their light will not be visible from Earth.

Put another way, the matter, energy and everything in the universe (including space itself) was more compact last Saturday than it is today. The same can be said about any time in the past — last year, a million years ago, a billion years ago. But the past doesn’t go on forever.

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By measuring the speed of galaxies and their distances from us, scientists have found that if we could go back far enough, before galaxies formed or stars began fusing hydrogen into helium, things were so close together and hot that atoms couldn’t form and photons had nowhere to go. A bit farther back in time, everything was in the same spot. Or really the entire universe (not just the matter in it) was one spot.

Don’t spend too much time considering a mission to visit the spot where the universe was born, though, as a person cannot visit the place where the Big Bang happened. It’s not that the universe was a dark, empty space and an explosion happened in it from which all matter sprang forth. The universe didn’t exist. Space didn’t exist. Time is part of the universe and so it didn’t exist. Time, too, began with the big bang. Space itself expanded from a single point to the enormous cosmos as the universe expanded over time.




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